Niklas Ekholm, Jungmyung Lee , Jaakko Suomalainen


Adult Magazine was founded by Editor Sarah Nicole Prickett and Art Director Berkeley Poole aspiring to intelligent erotics. From the outset there was the problem of giving depth to aesthetic erotics. “Much of what’s out there lacks blood,” Prickett says in an interview.

Beautiful and large erotic imagery was a given, but the most heartbreakingly intimate moments are in the essays. That is what was the typefaces were to accommodate. The formal cues for the typefaces were taken from the golden age of high quality porn magazines with all their wonders and horrors, first caricaturing it and then bringing it towards classically legible form. Bold and curvaceous for the titles, the fonts also make for good long reads. The type family contains a serif typeface in four weights and sans in three serif weights, the two styles creating an binary ripe for role play.