The Bible


Niklas Ekholm


Absolution is a pseudorandom typeface based on a rational division of space affording seemingly infinite possible of shapes. Which shapes do we choose for letters? If anything is possible, what is meaningful? Set the Bible in this font and be amazed at the many forms of 'LORD'.

The abstract folds back into the concrete, but the concrete is changed by the image of abstraction. Materials and shapes become mathematised, but only superficially, ultimately to conceal their material origin. A rectangular slab of rubber originates from bleeding the earth for fossil oil. A book of randomly selected letters betrays the fact of purposeful creation. Creation to end all creation. But we're not done yet.

Rationalisation and crime. Weak flesh and eternal soul. Essence over existance. Modernism as original sin. A meadow is nothing, it could be a parking lot. Everything is everything and nothing is anything. Everything is sin. #sorrynotsorry